Boxer Security Systems is a Midlands based Alarm Systems & CCTV Systems installtion company.   Offering services throughout Laois, Offaly & Kildare.  We are a Limited company and are VAT Registered.   We are installing Security Systems since 1983.   Most importantly, we are NSAI approved and a member of the PSA (Private Security Authority) so you can really trust the quality of both our Workmanship and Alarm & CCTV Systems.

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Boxer Security Systems was set up with the aim of providing an Affordable and Relaible Security Systems installation business that offered services throughout the Midlands.   As out business has grown and technology has improved, we have trained our satff up in all new developments in home and business security systems.

We have seen technology improve in such ways as in the old days, you might have  CCTV Cameras in your shop of business premises, then came the addition of VCRs, then DVRs and now you can actually view your premises over the internet in real time. In all stages our installation staff were fully trained up to NSAI standards to meet regulations.

Don’t be caught out by ‘cheaper’ alternatives. It is critical that your installer is NSAI registered and a member of the PSA(Private Security Authority). The security systems industry is heavily regulated and it is essential that your installer meets the necessary requirements.  We will provide you will all the necessary documentation and VAT receipts where applicable.

Another reason to chose Boxer Security Systems is the quality of out workmanship. There will be no wires left sticking out or even visible.   We go to great lengths to ensure that all you will see of your alarm system when we have finished, is the Contact / Shock Sensors, Sounders, PIRs and Control Panel. You really do pay for what you get and we have seen over the years that, in some cases we have been called in to actually tidy up a ‘cheap’ contractors work. Basically, your security contractor has left the premises, you should hardly know they have been there and as mentioned earlier, we strive to meet this goal.

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