Monitored Alarms

Depending upon the application, the alarm output may be local, remote or a combination. Local alarms do not include monitoring, though may include indoor and/or outdoor sounders (e.g. motorized bell or electronic siren) and lights (e.g. strobe light) which may be useful for where one hopes to scare off an burglar quickly. However, with the widespread use of alarm systems, false alarms are very frequent and many people tend to ignore alarms rather than investigating, let alone contacting the necessary authorities. In short, there may be no response at all. In rural areas (e.g., where nobody might hear the burglar siren) lights or sounds may not make much difference, as the nearest responders could take so long to get there that nothing can be done to avoid losses.

So you can see from the above it is critical to have a monitored alarm in general and especially in specific circumscances. Contact us for more information on our monitored alarms.

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