CCTV Systems

Overview of the equipment that we use in our CCTV System installations.

CCTV Cameras

Nearly every business premises you enter now will have 1 or more CCTV Cameras in place.   Not only do they act as a real deterent to crime, if the worst does occur you can view the incident and quickly indentify the perpretrator(s). They can of course be used as a standalone security measure just linked back to a monitor but for the majority of cases they are used in conjunction with DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).  Read more on our range of CCTV Cameras here.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

The DVR has become one of the single most important additions to the Security Systems industry. No longer do you have to worry about changing tapes all the time, overwriting ones that may have something you need to watch on it, or cupboards full of old security tapes.   Them days are long gone.  A Digital Video Recorder gives you the ability to record months, even years of footage on one Hard Drive. For more information go to the DVR – Digital Video Recorder page.

IP Cameras

A rapidly growing area in CCTV is internet protocol cameras (IP Cameras). IP cameras use the Internet Protocol (IP) used by most Local Area Networks (LANs) to transmit video across networks in digital form.  The video feed can also be transmitted across the Internet, allowing users to view their camera(s) through any internet connection available through a computer or laptop. To find out more about our real time IP Camera set up, view the IP Camera page.

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