Perimeter - The outside wall area including doors and windows.

Door Sensor – A sensor place on front and back doors. Usually a contact sensor but some times in the case of glass doors is a good idea to have a shock sensor too.

Window Sensor – Usually a contact and shock sensor combo to detect opening and also glass breakage.

Shock Sensor – Detects shock and vibration ie. If glass was broken in a window or door.

Contact Sensor – Detects the opening of a window or door

Panic Button – Allows the user the remotely activate the alarm and contact the monitoring station. Useful for the lederly and has not only security uses but medical applications too.

PIR - Passive Infra Red sensor, can detect heat and movement. Commonly known as a motion detector.

Internal Sounder – An audible alarm placed inside the premisies.

External Sounder – An audible alarm that is place on the outside of a building.

Control Panel – Where you control the functions of the alarm and turn it on/off when you need.

Dummy Sounder – A fake box that some people put up as a deterent.

NSAI Registered – NSAI Certification creates, maintains and promotes accredited certification of products, services and organisations for compliance with recognised standards, from business management systems to product approvals.

PSA Member – The Private Security Authority, which was established pursuant to the Private Security Services Act 2004, is the statutory body with responsibility for licensing and regulating the private security industry in Ireland.

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