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Home Security Tips

Don't make it easy for them

 What a Burglar looks for

  • Signs that the house is unoccupied.
  • Easy access – Use all your door & window locks.
  • Can they see what’s inside the home (TVs, Stereos, Gaming Consoles, Car keys etc)
  • Are there newspapers, letter or fliers building up in the letter box?
  • Have bins been left out at the kerb for days?
  • No lights on in the home during the evening


Neighbourhood watch 

Set up a neighbourhood watch scheme and keep an eye out for elderly neighbours especially those that live alone.  


Use dead bolt locks on all doors. 

Garden Shrubbery 

Should be kept low enough so as not to help conseal an intruder’s approach. 


Solid core wood doors with frames that cannot be easily pryed apart are recommended. 


Apart from making sure they are shut and locked, you should make sure that you have some form of blind or curtain to obstruct a clear view into the home.   Homes without these give the burglar an opportunity to do some ‘window shopping’ before they strike. 


  • Exterior: Front and back montion sensite lighting is recommended
  • Interior: Lights on a timer system are recommended when you are out


Never leave unlocked. Your garage can be a source of ‘tools of the trade’ for burglars like ladders hammers & crowbars etc.  Apart from the fact that you might have things like lawnmowers in there which are easily stolen.   If your garage is attached to the house and is connected via an internal door, this is even more crucial. 

Spare Keys 

Never leave spare keys in a hiding place outside the home. Burglars know all the best places.   Leave your keys with a trusted neighbour.   Never leave your keys in a place visible from a letter box opening. If a burglar sees these, he could potential just do a smash and grab and be off with your car. 

Intruder Alarms 

You should ALWAYS set your alarm when you are leaving the house. Ideally you will have both shock/contact sensors on all windows and doors and also motion detectors internally aswell.  If possible, they sould be connected to a monitoring station also for extra security. 

Going to bed 

Before going to bed, make sure that all your windows and doors are locked. Set your alarm to the night time mode to allow certain movement within the house (like trips to bathroom) but to active for everything else. 

Get a dog 

Get a dog for extra security

Man's Best Friend

And last but not least, one of the best things you can do to improve your home security is get a dog.   It doesn’t have to big or agressive but most dogs will when themselves or their master is threatened, react defensively in that situation.  Put it this way, if you were climbing over a back wall or gate and there was a dog barking at you that you didn’t know, would you be overly keen to proceed? Thought not!!!  




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