Alarm Systems

Overview of the type of Alarm Systems installed by Boxer.

1. Residential Alarm Systems

Burglar & Intruder Alarms

Burglars dislike noise – it attracts attention. A barking dog is the best deterrent in preventing burglaries. However, a  dog cannot always be depended upon. The most reliable safe-guard to protect your home and possessions is a reliable Intruder Alarm.

Many types of Burglar Alarms can be obtained for residential use. It is advisable, however, that basic hardware security measures be followed first. If additional security is desired, the following recommendations could be helpful.
An audible alarm is recommended over silent alarms for residential use in order to first protect persons and secondly, property.
Don’t depend entirely upon an alarm system to protect you – be sure to use proper locking devices.

Any alarm system should;

  • Have a battery-powered fail-safe back-up
  • Have Fire-sensing capability
  • Have read-out ability to check the working of system
  • Have a sounding device
  • Be Installed by a NSAI Approved Contractor (Why it’s important)
  • Be set up by a PSA Member (View our PSA Licence here)

See more on Intruder & Burglar Alarms

Monitored Alarms

There are two types of Monitored Alarm that we supply. One is monitored by the owner or named individuals and the other is type is monitored by a professional monitoring company.   Both are similar systems with pros and cons to both. Read more on our Monitored Alarms page.

Wireless Alarms

As the name suggests, Wirelss Alarms are a security system for the most part without the need for lots of wiring.  This can speed up jobs significantly and the extra cost of the Wirless Alarm system can be offset by labour costs in a cheaper wired arlarm system. Read more on our Wireless Alarms

Motion Detectors (PIR Sensors)

A Motion Detector or PIR Sensor is used to detect movement inside or outside a building.   Used in conjunction with  standard shock / contact sensors on doors and windows, Motion Detectors add an extra layer of security to your home or business.  Read more on Motion Detectors

2. Commercial Alarm Systems

Our Commercial Alarm Systems include the above with the addition of other Security System equipment including the following;

  • DVRs - Record the comings and goings at your business premises
  • CCTV Cameras - Used in conjunction with a DVR to view / record activity
  • IP Cameras - Keep an eye on your premises over the internet in real time

You can read more about the above items by clicking on their links.

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