Derek F wrote;

Some weeks ago after a spate of burglaries on my estate I decided to get a burglar alarm installed. I had being thinking of it for while but after several incidents in the space of a short time where I live I decided to take the plunge. I had a few near misses over the years and can only really thank my dog for avoiding having my place burgled. She ran a couple of ‘no goods’ last year around 4am in the morning. I just caught a glimpse of the back of them getting back over my wall after I heard her barking outside. It wasn’t the first time either. She had also ran another lad around 10am in the morning from my back yard. This ‘person’ obviously thought that no one was at home because my car was in the garage getting serviced and decided to try their luck. Little did they know that me and the dog were inside. She went banannas and tore after him, it’s only a pity that he again managed to get over the wall before she got to him. Anyway, I digress, not to leave all the security of my home to my dog, I decided to give her a hand and get a security system installed.

I checked out some local alarm installers and talked to some of my friend’s about what they had heard about certain companies. After getting 3 of the local installers to come a have a look at what I needed, I decided to go with Boxer Security Systems. The prices were more or less the same for all, there was 100 euro between them all but what made my decision for me was their attitude. Boxer seemed like the more professional and friends of mine had recommended them so I gave Seamus a call and arranged an installation date.

They came and installed the burglar alarm within a couple days. The job took one and a half days for my 3 bed bungalow. One thing I was worried about when getting the alarm and sensors fitted was what my house was going to look like after it wall all done. Seamus assured me during his visit that I would hardly know they were they and true to his word, I didn’t. My house had not been pre-wired so I was afraid that I would have messy wires or trunking going everywhere around the house. This was not the case at all and the only things that are visible are the sensors and control panel.

All in all, I was very happy with the service and would recommend to anyone.

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